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Types Of Bearded Dragons – Types, Colors And Species

There are many different types of bearded dragons. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

The variations of these bearded dragons comes from the fact that two or more different ones are brought together and breed in other to create ones with desired traits and characteristics.

In order to better understand the many types of bearded dragons here is a breakdown for you of the different kinds so you know before you purchase one.

Normal – this is when two bearded dragons with different traits breed together to product offspring.

Hypo – this is when you breed bearded dragons that have hypomelanism traits. These types of bearded dragons normally will have less dark skin, eyes, and nails.  Overall the offspring will be lighter in color.

Trans – This is when bearded dragons who have translucent traits are breed together. Their skin will appears see-through or translucent. Additionally you can tell if a bearded dragon is a trans because of their black eyes.

Hypo Trans  – this is a mixture of a trans and hypo bearded dragon. This is when you mate a slightly translucent/transparent skin dragon with a dragon that lacks dark colors.

Het Hypo – This is a bearded dragon that has the hypomelanism trait but you cannot tell visually. This occurs because of which bearded dragon it mates with.

Het Trans – When a bearded dragon carries the translucent traits but you cannot see it visually. Some offspring will show the trans traits and some will not and this is how a het trans bearded dragon is created.

Double Het – A bearded dragon that has both the translucent skin and hypomelanism traits but doesn’t display them visually.  It is possible for these bearded dragons to not show the traits they are born with.

Hypo Het Trans – They carry but don’t display the translucent traits but also show the hypomelanism trait.

Trans Het Hypo  Bearded dragons that don’t display but carry the hypomelanism trait and show the translucent trait.

Types Of Bearded Dragons

  • German Giant Bearded Dragon
  • Leatherback Bearded Dragon
  • Silkback Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Colors

Red Bearded Dragons

  • Ruby red bearded dragon
  • Red bearded dragon
  • Blood-red bearded dragon

Here are some bearded dragons that have a mix of red with other colors:

  • Sunburst bearded dragon
  • Sandfire red bearded dragon
  • Tangerine bearded dragon
  • Orange bearded dragon
  • Citrus tiger bearded dragon

Yellow Bearded Dragons

  • Citrus bearded dragon
  • Yellow bearded dragon
  • Lemon fire bearded dragon
  • Gold bearded dargon
  • Sandfire gold bearded dragon

Here are a few of them that have a mix of yellow and other colors:

  • Orange bearded dragon
  • Tangerine bearded dragon
  • Sandfire red bearded dragon
  • Sunburst bearded dragon
  • Citrus tiger bearded dragon

White Bearded Dragons

  • Snow bearded dragon
  • Albino bearded dragon

Standard Colors

The standard colors you will see in a bearded dragon include: red, tan, yellow, and green mixes.

Bearded Dragon Species

  • Pogona Barbata
  • Pogona Minor Minor
  • Pogona Microlepidota
  • Pogona Henrylawsoni
  • Pogona Vitticeps
  • Pogona Minor Mitchelli
  • Pogona Nullarbor